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Teresa Angeles
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Hi! I’m Teresa Angeles, creator of a new approach for living and learning with your child.
You will be amazed at the transformations in your child
from very simple protocols.

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    Nurture your children’s hearts, inspire their wholeness, and develop
    their inate genius. With these in place a child’s
    true education will unfold naturally.

    Nurturing Your Child’s Heart the Montessori Way is a combination of strategies I put together to empower you – the parent – with a vision of transformative love and approaches you can use to create a heartwarming family culture of learning together. My experience as a mother of six who longed to give my children the best of all things and who journeyed through – love, trial, and error with them – has produced unique, effective resources and recommendations that I want to share with you.

    Connecting deeply with your children and providing them with rich learning opportunities during the early years of life has a significant impact. You can teach your children the practice of listening to ‘the inner voice of the heart’ or the ‘inner teacher.’ It is that intimate guidance from within that helps us navigate the course of daily life. Teaching your children to listen to their hearts regularly through breathing and finding a calm center there will develop a momentum of order in their worlds.

    A flow in your child’s activity from living with a sense of calm and peace facilitates cooperation and connection with you, the attentive parent and teacher. Young children have highly receptive minds, and take in sensory impressions to build the person they will be. When you nurture your children’s hearts with love, a lifelong neurological connection with them is established.  Emotional bonding with you establishes an equilibrium that allows them to learn and develop their innate intelligence.

    You, as the parent, can become the kind of teacher who cultivates a rich environment that naturally draws out your children’s innate curiosity and genius. My goal on this site is to help you gain confidence to be your child’s teacher and leader, providing resources and courses that reflect Montessori’s timeless wisdom and a unique learning plan created with your child in mind. Your home can be the perfect environment for the blossoming of your child. It is a magnificent once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I am here to help.

    What People Are Saying About Teresa

    "Teresa is by far the best we have interacted with. She has been a blessing. Her experience, professionalism, punctuality, patience and the innovative ways to keep our 4- year-old engaged is just phenomenal. All of the above comes along with a heart of gold. She is a wonderful human being too! Highly recommended!"
    Tara S.

    “Love is really the key in all relationships and not only the idea that we love,
    but that our children and others feel loved.”

    Inspiring Solutions for Parents

    The Montessori Home and Beyond
    Lessons for Nurturing Your Child and Family

    My book on a re-envisioned Montessori lifestyle will inspire you with a vision of what a home may be like with loving, respectful relationships and an orderly physical structure designed with children in mind. In this book, I share my journey in giving my six children the very best life possible and the resources that helped shape their lives. Whether you are thinking of starting a family or you have a house full, my book will help you to envision your future together based on the education of the heart. Read the book’s Introductory Chapter here.

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    Teach Your Child to Read! – Ages 4-7

    “Teach Your Child to Read” is my short, lively, inspiring, self-paced course to teach parents how to nurture all aspects of their child’s bourgeoning intelligence! Become your child’s mentor, champion, and guide. This course teaches parents to understand the Montessori reading sequence, work with reading materials and games, and set up the ideal learning environment that inspires curiosity and interests. Parents can even participate with other caregivers in a live weekly community gathering. If you can play games with your child, you can teach your child to read. Learn more here.

    “The rituals of our culture is what melds us together as an identity
    for all ages,
    enriching minds and ennobling hearts.”

    About Teresa

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    Teresa Angeles is the creator of Montessori Families, heart-based methods for empowering parents with a new vision of how to help their children fulfill their greatest potential. She supports parents with unique Montessori methods and various other strategies that she’s found to be effective over her years of working with children and parents. Teresa believes that redefining what loving home environments look like and understanding how a child best learns to read will open doors to a parent’s ultimate parenting adventure. Teresa helps parents to understand what it truly means to nurture their children’s hearts!

    Teresa is a Montessori-certified early childhood and elementary teacher with over 25 years of experience teaching in the Montessori classroom, homeschooling her own six children, and tutoring. She has assisted children and parents through wilderness training programs, as a co-facilitator for 5-day, live-in teen retreats, as a board member of Family and Youth teams, and as a former nurse. Teresa’s joy is helping children develop an awareness of the natural world and their connection to it. Using all of these approaches, she shares with parents valuable keys to support the whole child physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

    Teresa’s goal for this site is to illumine the way for the education of the heart, first in parents and then in their children. Her foremost strategies will be to support parents in nurturing the family culture in their home and to understand how to best teach children to read and activate their multiple intelligences. Teresa says, Uplifting children and families is my passion – and my mission.”


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